Why choose My Lamination

My Lamination- latest, revolutionary and innovative Italian technology brings you highest quality lash lifting products with always consistent results, while maintaining and improving lash health

My Lamination is designed with the lash health in mind. The end goal is always to make sure the lashes are perfectly lifted, thicker, fuller and  beaming with health.

  • Straight after the treatment you can see thickness improved by min 30%, and in weeks to follow thickness will increase more  as well as length and fulness.
  • No more wastage! Not a drop of a lotion gets thrown out! Sachets last 8 weeks once opened.
  • Pump option for most products. Pumps are stable for 12 months from the opening.
  • Generous size sachets give you 5-7 lash lifts (you get 5 sachets in each box, total 7.5ml or 35 lash lifts)
  • Dual products used on lashes and brows
  • Your clients get the best lash lift results while our products work their magic in between treatments. They come back with healthy, visibly longer, fuller, and thicker lashes they love.
  • My Lamination is the only brand worldwide backed by clinical tests done by University of Padova which show instant thickness improvement of minimum 30%.
  • Every single step of MY Lamination Lash Lift has supporting ingredients which work to improve lash health
  • Vitamin LashBrow Mask is Keratin mask which counteracts any potential damage and at the same time infuses lashes with liquid keratin, vitamins and pro vitamins which will trigger new growth, length, fullness and thickness in between appointments.
  • Vitamin LashBrow mask  will repair damaged caused by the other brands so you can safely re lift using My Lamination.
  • The formulation itself is incredibly stable, which is one of the main factors in its ability to avoid damage and overprocessing, making it a wonderful solution for beginners and experts alike.
  • My Lamination products are free from parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, dyes, silicone, and formaldehyde.
  • Vegan and cruelty free These are just some of the reasons why

My Lamination® is the winner of:
• Best Innovation of the Year (2017) Award Belarus.
• Brand of the Year (2017) Award Russia.
• Two times winner Product of the Year (2017 & 2018) Award Russia.
• Excellent in Beauty (2018) Award Moldova.
• Top International Lash Academy & Top Team (2018) Award Romania.
• Brand of the Year (2019) Award Spanish.
• Contribution to the development ( 2019) Award Spanish.
• The Best Academy of Lamination (2019) Award Italy.
• Top Lash Academy & Top Instagram (2019) Award Romania. –
Brand of the Year, Award USA (2020)
• Brand of the Year, Award Italy (2021)

My Lamination®: is the ONLY company whose students and trainers were awarded more than 290 times in International Championships.


Congress Workshop Venice
2022 Italy

Brand of the Year
2021 Italy

Brand of the Year
2020 USA

Brand of the Year
2019 Spain

Contribution to the development of Industry
2019 Spain

Top Lash Academy & Top Lash Instagram
2019 Romania

The Best Academy of Lamination
2019 Italy

Top Lash Team &
Top Lash Academy
2018 Romania

Product of the year
2018 Russia

Excellent in Beauty
2018 Moldova

Product of the Year
2017 Russia

Innovation of the year
2017 Belarus

Brand of the year
2017 Russia