The Luxe 2 in 1 Lash Lifting Tool

The Luxe 2 in 1 Lash Lifting Tool

Patented (no 2021106482)

The Luxe 2 in1 Lash lifting tool provides very fine separation for a perfect lift!
This advanced tool has 54 grooves . 27 grooves on each side.
Having grooves on each side will separate lashes as it lifts to save you time and give much better separation. Improved, sharper tip will allow for precision separation.
Having grooves on both sides makes it easy to use for left and right handed techs. Double sided groves also make it easy to get into the corners of each eye by flipping the tool around.

Made out of the highest grade Japanese stainless steal it will not oxidise with continued water exposure. We guarantee the quality by providing 12 months warranty

Cleaning instructions- Once you finish using your tool put in water until you have time to clean it. It will soften the glue and make cleaning your The Luxe 2 in 1 lifting tool a breeze!

This tool is of highest quality and will not oxidise when exposed to prolonged contact with water. Wash in soapy water using a brush. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly. Immerse it in Vira clean (or any other hospital grade disinfectant) for 5 min. After you remove it from the solution let it air dry. (You can wipe it dry with lint free paper towel) Store in an airtight container to prevent contamination It can be sprayed or wiped with isopropyl alcohol as well before next use

Feature Of The Luxe 2-in-1 Lash Lifting tool


  • ZUnique design of 54 grooves so close together
  • ZDouble sided groves
  • ZExtra length for improved speed of lifting
  • ZImproved sharper tip
  • ZHighest quality materials are used to make this tool so it will not oxidise with prolonged
  • ZContact with water, like other tools on the market
  • ZUnlimited 12 months replacement warranty


  • ZLifts and separates to reduce time spent on wrapping lashes
  • ZFaster lifting
  • Zperfect separation
  • Zno need to use any other tools
  • ZEasily cleaned and disinfected in between clients


You are gorgeous and we appreciate you & your sublime customer service very much – as you say, too much goes unnoticed or unappreciated in this business, so thank you for stepping outside of this box! We can feel the love & care & the difference you are making, from down here on the heart shaped island of Tassie



Oh hey, I used My Lamination instead of my usual Mayamy for brow lamination, my God, it just glides on. I love it. Check this out, my very first with Mayamy, versus my latest with my lamination. Can’t believe I let her walk out with brows like that hahaha



Hi we absolutely loved the sample pack you sent us!! I love how soft the product is on the hair.



Hi Desa , just wanted to let you know that My lamination is a star product! We love it so much!! 



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