Lamitta Laminator Slide for Lash Lifts


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The Laminator Slide Lash Lift Brush by Lamitta is the new and improved version of the original Laminator Brush. Patented and designed by Liliya Utivlenova, Lamitta has upgraded the classic design and crafted an even more impressive edition that not only ensures maximum comfort, but also delivers impeccable results.

The title of the name unveils the application method – the brush head features a flat, straight cut design that allows you to slide the brush all over the surface of the eyelashes, from roots to tips, efficiently streamlining the wrapping process. The tip is small, yet constructed with thick strong bristles, especially suitable for the small inner corners.

The brush is designed to let the lash artist switch between horizontal and vertical angles, which facilitate different application techniques: the flat side for wrapping, and the vertical angle for isolation.

The Laminator Slide is also an ideal tool for removing excess glue, while no other tools are needed to complete the wrapping step. If you loved the original Laminator Brush, you will instantly fall in love with the new Laminator Slide, delivering a new level of enhanced performance.

Watch the Laminator Slide in action here.

Length: 17 cm

Brush Tip: 0.3 x 0.3 cm


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